About Us

The Renfrew Business Improvement Area (RBIA) “Is the voice of the Downtown Business Community”.  It is commited to Promoting the Downtown Business Area Community to become Renfrew’s Premiere Business area.

Downtown Renfrew offers a quiet haven for visitors, artists, and history enthusiasts.  Surrounded by historic architecture and only a short walk from the historical Swinging Bridge.  It is the perfect place to get away and enjoy the shops, restaurants in our beautiful downtown.  We encourage our residents and visitors to take advantage and enjoy the summer outdoor patios, and experience all that Renfrew has to offer.

The Renfrew BIA strives to create the best environment for all Renfrew businesses to flourish.  This means promoting Downtown Renfrew as a prime shopping area, lobbying for “smart growth” in the community and providing local businesses with the tools  necessary for success.

Come explore and experience the charm and beauty of Historic Downtown Renfrew.